Fixing the Roborock Vacuum Error 10

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The Problem

Recently every time my Roborock S4 vacuum ran, it would announce something like “Error 10 - Check the filter, if it’s wet dry it.” The official roborock support article simply states that the filter should be cleaned and dried thoroughly.

The problem is, even after a thorough cleaning and drying the filter for 48 hours it would still report the same error every time it ran.

The Solution

Since the official support didn’t help, I searched the Internet and came across a reddit post where the original poster had the same issue. Many commented that the actual fix is to use compressed air to clean the rear vent.

Roborock Vacuum vent

Sure enough, after using compressed air to clean the vent, the vacuum has now been running great for over a week with no errors. Hopefully this helps someone else who runs into this issue.